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About the Vineyard

Property Legacy


Today, our winemaker selects grapes from some of the finest vineyards in northern California, including Mendocino and Sonoma counties.  The result is some of the finest wines offered from any winery for any budget. 

The natural beauty of the southernmost grape-growing region in Mendocino County is highlighted by the lush and peaceful surroundings, a near-perfect climate, unparalleled beauty, and a signature pastoral appeal.

The Milano Wines property has a long history of brewing libations. From the 1870s until the 1950’s hop growing was a major industry throughout Mendocino. The facility is housed in the historic Milone Family hop kiln just south of the town of Hopland. The hop kiln was used to dry and bale the hops before shipping them worldwide for beer brewing. The original owners, Jim Milone and Father Frank hand-crafted many cases of varietal wine for each vintage.  Jim’s great-grandfather established their first winery in Hopland before Prohibition.

This historic property is the region’s oldest operating winery offering fine, hand-crafted wines. As new owners, we are dedicated to continuing the tradition of fine winemaking established generations ago while bringing you the finest wines at an affordable price under the name of Highway 101 Wines. 


New Traditions


We at Highway 101 Wines/Milano Wines invite everyone to be a part of our voyage as we chart a new course for our winery and explore additional wines and varietals.  Our journey will be filled with memories of our roots and continued dedication to the fine winemaking tradition of our winery.



un-Corked Wine Tip

As I swirl the wine in my glass, I wonder…why is it called “dry”? The term “dry” refers to the taste that a wine leaves in your mouth because of the amount and different types of sugars remaining after fermentation. Dry wine has only a small amount of residual sugars. You will taste fruit however, the wine will not have a sweet quality.


Wine pairing can be an adventure. We created a list that will ease you into creating your own wine paring list.
Have a party where guests bring their favorite wine pairing with tapas.
Highway101Wines.com Wine Pairing 

These gastronomic ideas will put a smile on most patrons faces. Wines are listed to compliment the meal.
Highway101Wines.com Dining with Wine Inspirations 

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“Great find. We were visiting the area and stumbled upon Highway 101 Wines.  We really enjoyed their wines and price points.  We are red drinkers and they have a lot of options, all done well. It's not often I taste and enjoy so many on the menu.”  Jodi B.